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About us

ClimateAligned is on a mission to simplify the complexity of sustainable investing with agile innovation. We are developing cutting-edge large language models in machine learning and interfaces to go with them, allowing investors to interact with climate and sustainability data in a completely novel way. Our next-generation tools will be the decision-maker’s guide to a sustainable future, making investing in the climate transition so easy that it becomes the norm and empowering anyone to become a climate investor. We are looking for mission-driven, ambitious, and high-performing builders to join us for the ride.




Aleksi Tukiainen, CEO

Co-founder of Secondmind (formerly, built the team to 100+ people and three products, including a systematic trading algorithm launched with a pension fund. Aleksi helped start Sylvera and led BIOS Health’s Platform team to create bioelectronic medicine using machine learning on the signals of the human nervous system. Raised $100M+ of venture funding across these companies. Aleksi studied under Professor Carl Rasmussen at the University of Cambridge.


Krista Tukiainen, Chief Commercial Officer

A decade of experience in climate and sustainability implementation and financing advisory. Five years at Climate Bonds Initiative, where Krista led the development and launch of new green and climate-related data products to customers in asset management, banking, and financial advisory firms. She also worked at a startup sustainability consultancy, bringing in the first £1m in contract value. Previously consulted at the Cambridge University Centre for Sustainable Development and studied at the London School of Economics.

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